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Alder Grove Charter School

Supporting Personalized Learning and Parental Choice in Education
402 2nd Street (corner of 2nd and E Sts)
Old Town/ Eureka /445-1344


Michael Olaf (Montessori)
65 Ericson Court, #1 / Arcata / 826-1557


Northtown Books
957 H Street, Arcata/ 822-2834


Pacific Paper
2825 F Street, Henderson Center, Eureka/ 443-3158


Scrapper’s Edge
728 4th St / Eureka / 445-9686


Ellis Art & Engineering Supplies
401 5th St / Eureka / 445-9050


The Toy Box
2911 F St./ Eureka/ Henderson Center/ 445-0310


Wildwood Music
1027 I Street, Arcata 822-6264


Ellis Art, Michael Olaf, Scrapper’s Edge, The Toy Barn and The Toy Box:
Step 1: Pick out the materials you would like to purchase, tell the sales clerk you are with Alder Grove, ask them to hold the items, and obtain a print-out of the items, including prices.
Step 2: Give the itemized list to your teacher.
Step3: Your teacher will create a purchase order and pick up the items after the purchase order has been approved.
Step 4: Your teacher will contact you once the items have been checked in to the library and are ready for pick-up or delivery.


Pacific Paper:
Items cannot be purchased directly from our local stores!!
Step 1: You must visit and write down the name, item#, price, and quantity of each item
Step 2: Give this itemized list to your teacher
Step 3: Your teacher will create a purchase order and order the items from Pacific Paper
Step 4: Once we receive the items from Pacific Paper AND they are checked-in to the library, they will then become ready for pick-up or delivery by your teacher.