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Physical Fitness Test

The Physical Fitness Test is Back
Map of the school grounds
Each year, California public schools use the FITNESSGRAM® for their Physical Fitness Test (PFT).  Grades five, seven, and nine are expected to participate. The main goal of the test is to help students reinforce or learn about life-long healthy activity habits. The test assesses the following five fitness areas: 
  • aerobic capacity
  • abdominal strength and endurance
  • trunk extensor strength and flexibility
  • upper body strength and endurance 
  • flexibility

PFT Modules, Videos, and Training

PFT Modules, Videos, and Training

One-Mile Run Video [4:08 minutes]
Walk Test Video [3:47 minutes]
Curl-Up Video [4:54 minutes]
Trunk Lift Video [3:37 minutes]
Push-Up Video [3:29 minutes]
Modified Pull-Up Video [3:14 minutes]
Shoulder Stretch Video [3:27 minutes]