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Alder Grove Charter School

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Distance Learning: Technology Help

If you are having technology troubles fill out a Student/Guardian Technology Help Ticket. You should provide information about how you connect to the internet and the device your student uses.
Thank you!

Online Classes – View the class schedule and sign up for distance learning classes. We have moved On Campus classes to 100% online instructions for the fall semester. Each online class and CT will have specific instruction on how to access online materials and attend scheduled meetings with your student. Help your student by making their online schedule and school email information easy to access.
Google Classroom – Sign into using your school email account. From there students can access online classes, turn in assignments, links to Google Meet and Zoom from their teacher.
Google Classroom access tips:
1. Download and use the Chrome browser.
2. Make sure you are signed into your school email and not a personal gmail account (on and the browser). Contact your CT if you do not know your student email account or temporary password.
3. Make sure to allow video/microphone in the browser:
Google Meet Connection
For additional training go to the Classroom Help Center.
Student Email Accounts – Contact your CT for help accessing student accounts (G Suite for Education). This will give your student access to Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Meet and more.
Chromebooks – Access your google account and Chrome apps by signing into your Chromebook when you first turn it on.
Prompt for signing into your Chromebook the first time
Enter your AGCS username to sign into your Chromebook using your school email account.
If there is an educational app that is "not allowed or "blocked by the Administrator," you may ask your student’s CT to request access. All apps must be vetted for student privacy protections before they are allowed on school provided Chromebooks.
Solve issues and turn on/off hidden features with Keyboard Shortcuts:
Chromebook keyboard shortcuts
NWEA Map Growth (Academic Support)
NWEA Family Toolkit

Saving a ‘Screen Grab’: Snipping Tool (Windows), Grab (Mac)
Tip: You can copy an image to your clipboard with the print screen (PrtScr) key, then paste it directly into an email message or document.
On a Chromebook: Step 1: Press Control + Shift + Show windows keys.
Control and Shift keys are needed to make a screenshot      Open windows key on a chromebook keyboard
Step 2: In the menu at the bottom, select Screenshot.
Step 3: Select one of the options: Take a full screenshot, Take a partial screenshot, or Take a window screenshot.
Step 4: Look in your Chromebook Files folder to retrieve the screenshot to send to your CT or to edit it further.
How To Save a PDF Form (3 ways)
A. Download and open in Adobe reader, type answers, click Save As (allows use of digital signatures).
B. Type into the document in web browser (Chrome), click Print, choose Save as PDF.
C. Type into the document in web browser (Microsoft Edge), click Save.
Submit a PDF Form
A. Print a physical copy and drop off at the school.
B. Send in completed form as an email attachment.