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Alder Grove Charter School

Supporting Personalized Learning and Parental Choice in Education

Our Mission



Alder Grove Charter School-2 is an independent study charter school, K-12, in Northern California that provides a voluntary public educational choice for families of students who choose to educate their children in the home environment. We believe individual differences and the uniqueness of each child are to be supported and celebrated. Our mission is to serve students through personalized learning and supporting parental choice in education.
Alder Grove Charter SchoolThe goal of Alder Grove Charter School-2 is to enable students to become competent, productive, literate, self-motivated, lifelong learners. We provide each student, along with his/her parents the opportunity to design and implement a customized curriculum that is relevant, takes learning styles into consideration, embraces the student’s interests and addresses the California State Standards. The student, parent, and a supervising California credentialed teacher (CT) work as a team to facilitate this process.
We facilitate Personalized Learning for every student, offering a variety of educational options including:
  • Home schooling support
  • Self-directed project-based learning
  • Small hybrid core classes for students in 7-12
  • Enrichment classes for students in grades k-6
  • Tutoring
  • Math and Language Arts labs
  • Online learning
  • Community vendors
  • Field trips
  • Assessment & testing
Families choose the personalized learning option for a variety of reasons. Some families have become frustrated with large class sizes and funding cuts in more traditional public schools. Some students excel or move more slowly than classroom peers and are either bored or frustrated in traditional public school classrooms.
During the initial enrollment meeting, the teacher, parent and student, if appropriate, will discuss the level of involvement the family wants from their CT including who will assign, instruct and choose curriculum for the student. The CT is responsible for assessment and documenting growth toward state standards.
Generally, our students fall into two categories based on the level and type of input the credentialed teacher provides to the family:
Traditional home school students – These students are supported in their educational endeavors by their parents, and they complete the bulk of their schooling at home. They may also take enrichment or core classes in the community or at the school site. The credentialed teacher helps guide the parents to be the finest teachers of their children.
Independent study students – These students meet with their credentialed teacher on a weekly basis, to receive instruction, receive new assignments and get feedback on assignments they have already completed. They may choose to take on campus or online classes to meet some of their requirements.
Students who are not fully vaccinated will not be able to particpate in on-site classes or group activities.
Many families new to personalized learning choose a combination of the above.
We serve all of Humboldt County!
Western Association of Schools
We are accredited through WASC
(Western Association of Schools and Colleges)