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Alder Grove Charter School

Supporting Personalized Learning and Parental Choice in Education


Our mission is to provide students with
personalized learning and to support parental choice in education.
Alder Grove Charter School is a public charter school that supports parents in home schooling choices as well as for independent study. Parents choose Alder Grove due to our flexibility to student needs, learning styles and options away from a typical, daily classroom environment that frustrates some students and are too boring for others.
The goal of Alder Grove Charter School-2 is to enable students to become competent, productive, literate, self-motivated, lifelong learners. We provide each student, along with his/her parents the opportunity to design and implement a customized curriculum that is relevant, takes learning styles into consideration and embraces the student’s interests.
AGCS teachers visit student homes, connect via phone and internet or teach remotely from well-equipped classrooms that allow for peer to peer interaction. We also offer on-site group classroom instruction, a computer-equipped Study Hall and Resource Library, though space is limited.
We do all this while meeting State of California standards and managing a variety of student learning styles and limitations. Not everyone is a good fit for Alder Grove Charter School, but if you live in Humboldt County and wish to learn more about us for your K-12 student, check out Our Mission and How to Enroll pages.
TITLE IX: Students will be considered for admission without regard to ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, disability and/or achievement level. No admitted student will be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance based on sex or gender.